#storyboomers is a very powerful concept because it is real.
It is about a reality which is obvious to all.
It is powerful because it is controversial.
Although this word does not takes a side, it remains open to different interpretations.
It is powerful because it is deep.
From conspiracy theorists to historians, it can be processed at different levels.
And it is powerful because it is close to us.
All of us, when taking selfies or watching the thousands of photos and videos stored
in our phones, we felt part (or victims) of a revolution that is bigger than us.
Its power is thus not to tell something new, but to create
a new category of the existence.
An extremely transversal category, and yet identifiable.
We thus use #storyboomers as a label that could give a new meaning to images,
videos and trends which already exist.
An operation between the provocative and the playful aimed to create a different
narration/interpretation of the present.