Accidents, blunders and calamities James Cunningham, New Zealand, 2015, 5’17”
Albert the dog Pau Suris, Pau Dalmases, United Kingdom, 2015, 12’12”

Ambulanse Sebastian Torngren Wartin, Norway, 2016, 15’

Infantile Vera Sjunnesson , Sweden, 2016, 10’

Képzavar / Catachresis Gyöngyi Fazekas, Hungarian-Romanian 2015, 11’23”

La Laine sur le dos / Law of the lamb Lotfi Achour, France - Tunisia, 2016, 15

Le Mur / The wall Samuel Lampaert, Belgium-China 2015, 10’44”
Operator Caroline Bartleet, United Kingdom, 2015, 6’27”
Partir María Saavedra, Venezuela, 2015, 15’

Quelqu’un m’attend Mustapha Souaidi, Belgium, 2015, 12’26”
The Tide Richard Rudy, United Kingdom, 2015, 12’08”

Where you are Graham Parkes, United States, 2015, 13’26”
Yek An / A moment Naghi Nemati, Iran, 2015, 14’

You can go Christine Turner, United States 2016 9’34”



Just another day in Egypt Nikola Ilic, Corina Schwingruber Ilic, Switzerland, 11’

Voor film Douwe Dijkstra, Netherlands, 11’ 39”

Platform 13 Camiel Zwart, Netherlands, 13’44”

Metube 2 - August sings Carmina Burana Daniel Moshel, Germany, 5’42”

Bakhyt Ruslan Bekshenov ; Aleksandr Amulin, Russia, 14’35”

Home Daniel Mulloy, United Kingdom, 20’



Die kunst, meine familie und ich  Johannes Bachmann, Germany, 15’

Irregulars Fabio Palmieri, Italy, 9’

Qui n'a pas sa part d'ombre Léo Favier, France, 15’16”

Dokument  Marcin Podolec, Poland, 6’50”




Alike  Daniel Martínez Lara, Rafa Cano, Spain, 8’

Catch it  Paul BAR, France, 5’

Voltaire  Jan Snoekx, Netherlands, 12’

Tea time Thomas  BOURRET, France, 7’

H2Obby Flavia Trevisan, Brazil, 4’

Uka Valle Comba Canales, Spain, 3’




Toilets  Laura Luchetti, Italy, 8’14”

Dove l’acqua con altra acqua si confonde  Massimo Loi, Italy, 14’

Lia  Arianna Del Grosso, Italy, 6’14”

Semele  Myrsini Aristidou, Cyprus, 12’49”

Bellissima  Alessandro Capitani, Italy, 11’42”

Mot nord  Jørn Nyseth Ranum, Norway, 11’



M A N    A F T ER    M A C H  I N E


Uncanny valley  Federico Heller, Argentina, 8’53”

Avant  Arthur Tabuteau, France, 13’

You are the canvas  Jean-Paul Frenay, Belgium, 8’30”

Step into the page Ashley Rodholm, United States, 5’


Special Event  M A N    A F T ER    M A C H  I N E


The Zero Theorem by Terry Gilliam, UK, 2013




Seth Zach Lasry, United States, 15’

Thunder road Jim Cummings, United States, 12’47”

Ellis JR, United States, 15’

Thunder P.Steve Collins, United States, 3’

The first men Benjamin Kegan, United States, 14’

The send-off Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan, United States, 12’

Jumpers Anonymous,  United States, 9’’




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