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WEDNESDAY JUNE, 29th - 10.30 AM - Il Frantoio

Video Game / Serious Games

Presented by Giorgio Catania

and Ivan Venturi & Mauro Salvador

THURSDAY JUNE, 30th - 10.30 AM - Il Frantoio

Video Mapping

Presented by Marcello & Tommaso Arosio

FRIDAY, JULY 1st - 10.00 AM - Il Frantoio

Storyboomers : documentaries at the era of selfies

Presented by Ayelet Albenda

FRIDAY, JULY 1st - 12 noon - Il Frantoio

Interactive Documentary

Presented by Stefani Casini

SATURDAY, JULY 1st - 10.00 - Il Frantoio

Virtual Reality

Presented byHai Ng

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