International Competition
The young masters of shorts, from all over the world, will be fending for awards for the best short, and the other acknowledgements from the prestigious international juries. They will present fiction shorts of max 15’.
Short Waves
The Short Waves section offers a unique space for experimentation and for the most innovative ways of storytelling in film.
The project was born in 2015 and for the XXIII edition the goal is to invite filmmakers to create short films based on millions of hours of ‘raw’ footage circulating on web and on historical archives database. The shorts should not only draw the chronicle but following the cinema storytelling bring out sense and emotions.


The XXIII edition of the Capalbio IFF will be dedicated to Man after Machine theme. Capalbio IFF, through the screening of short films on the theme, panels and master classes, would ponder on the forms that the relationship between man and machine has taken and will take in contemporary and future reality.
Together with this section, a selection of the VR Cinema Experience will be hosted by the South by Southwest festival in Austin, among them Prologue Films with Memos from Hell. The first stop-motion movie filmed in 360° which will put the audience in the middle of a heated discussion in the hottest place there is, at the bottom of Hell.
For many years “The mechanical man”, Italian science-fiction film directed in 1921, was considered lost. Only much later some coils of the portuguese version of the film were found in Brazil. Luckily, the footage that was found shows the final parts of the move, so that the audience will be able to enjoy the extraordinary special effects (considered the epoch!) of the battle between the two robots at the Opera Theatre. Opening the nights for the Archaeology section, extracts from works that have touched the man/machine theme throughout the history of cinema, from Meliès to Dzyga Vertov, from Metropolis, to the mutant in Tetsuo. The editing has been curated by Bruno Roberti and the “Raoul Ruiz Workshop” of the Dams in the University of Calabria.
M A N     A F T E R     M A C H  I N E  |    SPECIAL EVENT
Capalbio proposes closing with The Zero Theorem by Terry Gilliam, which sees as its main protagonist the actor launched by Quentin Tarantino Christoph Waltz. The life of Qohen Leth, egocentric hacker, progresses with the spasmodic wait for receiving a call that would give answer to all the questions he is looking for. Following a psychiatric visit, he is assigned an artificial intelligence, which will perform a psychiatric evaluation.
For its 23rd edition, Capalbio International Film Festival pays tribute to the creative diversity found in the United States with its Focus USA. Besides the presence of the American director Colin Trevorrow, many of the directors present at the festival with titles in competition.  



Gran Prix Capalbio. This year’s  jury of the Classic Capalbio Price is comprised by the actress Pamela Villoresi, the producer Pietro Valsecchi, the actress and director Stefania Casini, Filippo Bologna screenwriter of the succesful comedy Perfetti Sconosciuti - Perfect Strangers and Filippo Messina, director of The Wait with J. Binoche, and the writer Giuseppe Catozzella, famous for Non dirmi che hai paura.

The jury will assign the Gran Prix Capalbio to the Best Movie, the Prize to the Best Director and the Prize for Best Photography.

World of Maps Prize. The jury is called to assign the “A World of Maps” prize to the best “Map” among all of the competitive sections, that is the director who will be most able to capture the essence of changement with an innovative touch.

The jury will also hand over the Storyboomers Prize awarded to the short film through creative editing techniques ( using footage found on the web or through archival material ) will be able to narrate the reality farther apart than would otherwise be forgotten or, worse, ever told.


Star of Capalbio Prize. Named after the founder Stella Leonetti the prize will be assigned to the best actor and actress by Fabiola Banzi (Casting Director) and Chiara Fortuna (MiBACT Functionary)

Ri/Generazione LAB. The prize will assign a writing residence to the most promising director on the narrative level, during the following 2017 edition and will be able to work on a projection from the initial conception to the treatment of a first feature film. The prize will be assigned by the franco-american screenwriter Eric Collins.

Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations Prize. Established by the Reset association directed by Giancarlo Bosetti, the prize wants to reward the work able to bring down prejudice and stereotypes, opening towards a visionof the dimensions which would spark in the spectator of any culture, the sense of common humanity, with respect towards human rights and with a vision which is able to convey the sense of equal dignity that the human condition deserves in several forms of civilization.

Adci Prize to the Best Creative Idea. Assigned by the creative advertisers of the Art Director’s Club, a Capalbio Classic that unites top italian advertisers together with young film-makers. The prize will be assigned by Giacomo Marsella.

Finally the Junior Kids and Junior Teens, assigned by primary and secondary school students from the territories of Capalbio and Rome.



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