More than a century ago it was born the myth of MAN-MACHINE: since its first heroes (FRANKENSTEIN) the romantic myth has always provoked, scared, charmed (METROPOLIS, 1927, Fritz Lang). Between the old and the new century the myth has found new life in CYBERPUNK and its apocalyptic fascinations (BLADE RUNNER, 1982, Ridley Scott - MATRIX, 1999, A. & L. Wachowski). Today, thirty years from the birth of movement after contemporary art has broken the taboo “MACHINE BODY” the relationship between man / machine evolves and conquers the sphere of emotions, of experiences and narration. Problem or solution, man after machine is now.

La XXIII EDITION  will explore the changes artificial intelligence is bringing to cinema and our daily actions (shorts and documentaries, panels, a crowdsourced section), will point the spotlight on CYBER CINEMA (tribute to a contemporary author and a retrospective of a master) , tell surprising tale of when the machine meets the needs of human (tribute to a cyborg artist).


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